Pack Handbook 2019.pdf

Pack 94 Handbook

Pack 94 now has a Handbook. The handbook covers everything you need to know about Pack 94. Specifically, it answers questions like:

  • What is a Pack, what is a Den, and who are the leaders?

  • What do the animal names mean?

  • What's a Webelo?

  • How do I put my uniform together?

  • What are the rules on discipline?

You can read the handbook right here to your left and download and print a copy for yourself.

Any questions or concerns about the handbook and anything it does or does not cover should be directed towards the Pack Committee Chair (Wanda Snoddy) or CubMaster (Brett Boren).

Pack 94 is now on Scoutbook. All of the Cubs advancement will be tracked through Scoutbook and it can host messages boards and other collaboration tools, too. There's even an app for your phone (search for Scouting in your app store) that will let you see your Cub's progress through the ranks.

If it's fall, it must be popcorn selling time! (or football, just saying...).